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Choose the Right New Years Resolution

As we look into 2017, how can we ensure that the commitments we make will materialize next year? How do we increase the probability of looking back at the end of the year, and being proud of what we have accomplished?

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3 Ways Leaders Can Learn from Self-Driving Cars

When I first imagined the self-driving car, I pictured a futuristic Mercedes, Tesla, BMW, or Toyota. Today, who is at the forefront of self-driving research? It’s not an automotive company.

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Throwing My Stress Away

Essentially, I threw my stress away by accepting the fact that I could only do what I could do, and the rest would have to wait.

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5 Ways to Defeat Stress

It’s the middle of the work week. You’re watching your favorite weekly sitcom with your family, or maybe you’re at the gym trying to blow off some steam. Yet one thing remains constant – your stress.

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What Makes a Great Leader?

Reflecting on the high-quality managers that have made an impact on my career, this blog is a tribute to those fine leaders of my past.

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Great Leaders Change Their Approach

Have you ever wondered why you can provide minor instructions for one person on your team and have to go into detail instructions with another? We all inherently realize that not all human beings are the same.


How to Coach and Praise for Results

When should you coach employees when a mistake is made? How can you give praise that will inspire your employees to do better?

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Don’t Follow Pink Floyd’s Example!

Change will always be a challenge that requires intent and perseverance toward a vision.

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How to Stop Overreacting to Stressful Events

It’s easy to get into a panic over problems that have simple solutions. When you face troubles, ask yourself…

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Fun People Can’t Sell

It’s tragic to see people with great potential squander their talents because they can’t stay organized, manage their time, and follow through with their promises to deliver.

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Own Your Fear, or It Will Own You

This fear impairs a leader’s ability to inspire the troops, creates a lack of confidence among the ranks, and makes the leader look flat-out incompetent.

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Let’s Knock Out Some Cold Calls

Is it a strategy/campaign? Is it part of their numbers game? Are they timing the market? Are they just hoping for the one in a thousand windfall?

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Reward for Being a Vocal Customer

Most of us start by telling our co-workers about our experience. We might even write about our experience on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps we would go directly to TripAdvisor and leave a scathing review.

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Why Return the Shopping Cart?

Have you ever noticed those people that just leave the shopping cart next to their cars instead of returning them to the “return stack?” What inconsiderate jerks, right?! Well, until recently, that was me.

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Easy, Turbo!

“Let’s step back and give everyone the context of this topic.” I find myself saying those words often in meetings. Or I have to stop the speaker to interject and get everyone in the room up to speed.

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Enjoy Your Fears

You’re sitting in the theater with your jumbo popcorn about to watch a man murder a group of kids. Have you ever stopped to think, what is wrong with me?

Business man making a presentation at office. Business executive delivering a presentation to his colleagues during meeting or in-house business training, explaining business plans to his employees.

The Harder the Message, The More Important it is to Hear

A former CEO of mine told me a story of how one of his key people came to him years ago and said, “I need you to know that I love this company. I love what we stand for, and I believe in what we’re doing, but I have to leave.”

Sales representatives in a meeting with their manager and comparing their sales

The “Surgeon” Who Saves Your Business Money

What do good consultants and surgeons have in common? Let’s say you are having a problem with your left knee. It’s not getting any better. In fact, it’s getting worse.

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Lots of Talk, No Action

In the past, many emails, phone calls, and voicemails were sent requesting a price reduction. An understanding had not been achieved. A new direction had to be taken. Few parties reacted with the necessary answers.

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How to Train Your Boss: Finding Boundaries (Part 1&2)

Why did I allow myself to be walked over? How could I allow others to make work my first priority in my life?

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Grab the Wheel, Ladies

Sitting at my desk, I looked around at all the men in their big offices and all the women in their little cubes. Why did we still have an office […]

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The Best Salesman in the World

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and my team had just finished manufacturing my first follow-up order with the largest utility in the state. I was on cloud nine; things couldn’t be going any better!


What Does it Mean, To Stop Worrying and Start Living?

“Don’t worry!” My wife is committed to breastfeeding our infant. I heartily support her in this. She feels very strongly that breast is best, and that every ounce of breast […]

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75 Million Strong

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within 10 years, 75 million people will account for approximately half of the U.S. workforce. Who are these people that will take over your businesses? […]

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Micromanagers – Their Own Worst Enemy

We can all recall a time when we were “blessed” with a micromanager who made sure we did everything their way.  Remember how you felt? Not trusted. Disengaged. Not valued. Stressed. […]

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The Sweetest Lemonade Starts with Lemons

I love taking on projects and responsibilities with which I have zero experience.

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Great Leaders Don’t Have Road Rage

The driver, in view of my rear view mirror, is visibly irate, yelling and pumping fists in the air, and making some other unfriendly gestures to communication frustration.


Are You Wired for Success?

Are you wired to think “disruptively”? Does your organization embrace disruptive thinking?

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Aloha Spirit in Your Organization

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Hawaii (for the eighth year in a row) has the highest well-being rating in the U.S.

Walking on the street

3 Steps to Walk In Your Prospects’ Shoes

When I started in sales 15 years ago, “prospecting” primarily consisted of walking into a business and speaking to the owner face to face.