Recently, I took a business trip and stayed in a name brand hotel chain that I frequent in my travels. I was shocked and disappointed by the condition of the hotel. It was dirty and moldy! I was expecting to be greeted by name and given a few rewards, due to my status with the hotel company. I was disappointed because I was not called by name, and the woman checking me in denied me my free breakfast coupons.

What do we typically do after a bad experience with a hotel? Most of us start by telling our co-workers about our experience. We might even write about our experience on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps we would go directly to TripAdvisor and leave a scathing review.

What we don’t do often enough is take the time to let the hotel manager know about our experience. And we are exactly the customers the manager wants to hear from!

Today, the power of social media has so much power away from hotels, restaurants, and retail managers. Most of us would prefer to avoid the potential conflict that comes from a complaint, and find the outlet for our frustration on social media. I was preparing to write a critical review on TripAdvisor.

Instead, as I was checking out, the manager asked me how my stay was. I explained the situation and told her my perspective on the housekeeping crew. She promised to review my concern with the hotel manager, and asked if she could offer me 30,000 points so I could have a free night at the chain. This was a significant apology and one that I accepted with gratitude. She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to improve their service.

That is when it hit me! Talking to management about a problem we are having is not seen as complaining.

Managers see it as an opportunity to improve their service to everyone. Next time you receive poor service, contact the manager right away and explain the situation. You will most likely enjoy the benefit of an immediate solution.

If customer service is important for your business, click here to access Dale Carnegie’s Outstanding Customer Service Guide!

Posted by Mary Kuniski

Mary Kuniski is passionate about the Dale Carnegie principles delivered over 100 years ago and continues to experience success today by employing those ageless ideologies. Ms. Kuniski is a Dale Carnegie graduate of 2010 and since that time has coached four programs. She has over 35 years of management experience and has held an Executive level position for the past 20 years. Currently, Ms. Kuniski is the Director of Master Data Management at Overhead Door Corporation, a position she has assumed in June 2015. She spent the past 19 years employed by Michaels Stores, Inc as a Vice President of Vendor Management, where she managed supply chain optimization and quality assurance for the company. She oversaw a multi-million dollar budget and drove operational excellence for domestic and international vendor community of 800+ vendors resulting in a 99.84% shipment accuracy ratio. Over the course of her career with Michaels, Ms. Kuniski also held the responsibilities for Vendor and Facilities Management, Store Communication and Store Management. Ms. Kuniski received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising from Penn State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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