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Leaders Don’t Make Excuses

Jogging out to the sidewalk this morning at 6 a.m, a woman that must have been close to 8 months pregnant jogged past me, with a stroller, and a dog.

3 Ways to Listen Like Alexa

Look, I realize that the topic of effective listening has received more than it’s fair share of blog attention. But, before you decide to move on and read something else, consider learning a few things about listening from a surprising source.

3 Steps to Walk In Your Prospects’ Shoes

When I started in sales 15 years ago, “prospecting” primarily consisted of walking into a business and speaking to the owner face to face.

Choose the Right New Years Resolution

As we look into 2017, how can we ensure that the commitments we make will materialize next year? How do we increase the probability of looking back at the end of the year, and being proud of what we have accomplished?